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Meet the 2024-2025 NSFA Alabama Charter Schools Parent Voice Network Fellows!

We're thrilled to announce the 2024-2025 Parent Voice Fellows!! Many applied, but only a select few were chosen. This year, an incredible group of parents has been tasked with a very special role: to advocate for their children's education and represent their respective schools. Their commitment and enthusiasm are key in driving forward the mission of empowering parents within the educational system.

These parents are not just participants; they are change-makers, influencers, and the voices of a brighter educational future in Alabama. Here are the names of the cohort members and the schools they represent:

  • Candice Land - Accel Academy

  • Tandra Masters - University Charter School

  • Melodie Scott - Legacy Prep

  • Lavetta Harvell - i3 Academy

  • Christina Hill-Lapsley - Breakthrough Charter School

  • Quintella Boyd - Alabama Aerospace & Aviation HS

  • Ashley Smith - i3 Academy

  • Latasha Tate - Legacy Prep

  • Barbara Harper - Alabama Aerospace & Aviation HS

  • Latoya Strong - Empower Community School

We are dedicated to supporting our cohort members from start to finish. Our network provides extensive resources, support, and services aimed at building a robust parent network. This network is not just about individual advocacy; it’s about collective empowerment and achieving greater outcomes for all our children.

Are you an Alabama charter school parent? Do you want to be more involved? Join our Facebook group today and connect with a community of supportive and like-minded charter school parents. Together, we can make a difference.

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