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We support bold district leaders seeking to improve outcomes and inspire innovation by leveraging the state's conversion charter school law.

Alabama law permits district leaders and school boards to turnaround underperforming district schools by converting them to a charter school. This approach offers many advantages, including the ability to access grants of up to $1.5 million to support the turnaround effort, and the ability to maintain oversight authority of the school after it is converted. For more information, see below. Interested district leaders are encouraged to contact us. 


The district retains oversight authority.

Districts have exclusive say over whether to establish a conversion charter school, and once the school is established, the district serves as the authorizer.


Students stay in the district.

Students zoned for the school are not required to attend the conversion charter, but they are allowed first priority if they choose to stay. Those students are counted towards the district's overall enrollment, meaning students do not technically leave the district.


The district benefits from improved scores.

Conversion charter schools remain a part of the district LEA, and therefore any performance improvements at the school are reflected in the district's overall performance report as well. 


Conversion charters are eligible for CSP funding

Just like startup charter schools in Alabama, conversion charter schools are eligible to receive up to $1.5 million in startup grants from New Schools for Alabama.

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