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Applications for startup charter schools can vary depending on whether the application is to a local district authorizer or directly to the Alabama Public Charter School Commission. Authorizing districts issue a request for proposals (RFP) to solicit applications meeting the unique needs or parameters the district sets forth in the RFP. However, all applications have three primary sections:

  1. Educational Program Design and Capacity

  2. Operations Plan and Capacity

  3. Financial Plan and Management Capacity


Aspiring applicant should identify whether their desired location is within the boundaries of a district authorizer. If so, applications must be submitted to the district authorizer in accordance with their timelines and requirements. Currently, the following districts are registered as authorizers in Alabama:

  1. Athens City

  2. Birmingham City           

  3. Greene County

  4. Macon County

  5. Montgomery County

  6. Elmore County    


Applications can be completed electronically on the state's platform. However, applicants can view a PDF form of the application here. We have also provided an application rubric and sample application for your benefit. Those seeking to apply to a local authorizer should visit their local district's website for more information.

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