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Celebrating Jametrice McAdams: 2024 Changemaker Award Winner

Jametrice McAdams, a former 7th Grade ELA educator and mother of three, found her passion for equitable learning through her children. Inspired to make a difference beyond the classroom, Jametrice dedicated herself to promoting and empowering parent leadership. This commitment led her to establish the 3rd Grade Parent Circle at Empower Community School in Bessemer, AL, where her son is a student. The Parent Circle serves as a space for parents to engage with the school, hold leaders accountable, and develop advocacy skills.

Jametrice's efforts have not gone unnoticed. As an alumnus of New Schools for Alabama’s Parent Voice Fellowship, she has gained recognition for her work. Today, Candie Mitchell-Price, Chief Communications Officer, and ShaElla Askew, Communications Manager of New Schools for Alabama, attended the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' Changemaker Awards panel in Washington, D.C., to support Jametrice. Candie, also the founder of Alabama's Charter School Parent Voice Network, expressed pride in seeing Jametrice advocate for Alabama's children during the panel discussion. At the event, Jametrice also had the opportunity to discuss the positive impact of charter schools with U.S. Congresswoman Terri Sewell.

Reflecting on her advocacy, Jametrice shared, "I advocate for my children because I recognize that there is absolutely no one more qualified to advocate for their interests than I am."

Let's all celebrate Jametrice McAdams, a true inspiration for parents everywhere. Stay connected with all charter news by subscribing to our mailing list.

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