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How our Core Values help students in Alabama

Updated: Mar 12, 2021


We work to ensure that all kids in Alabama have equitable access to a quality public education.


We are committed to supporting the development of high-quality charter schools by providing expert guidance to charter applicants, operators, and authorizers. We seek to be a respected resource for quality guidance, technical assistance, and policy support, as well as a quality source of information for all stakeholders.


We value and embrace bold ideas, leading with a focus on what is possible and taking risks to challenge the status quo to significantly improve student outcomes when the current educational options do not meet the diverse needs of all kids.


We are committed to holding high, research-based expectations for potential applicants and current grantees while providing candid feedback to groups in need of improvement.


We actively embrace new and existing relationships to facilitate deep collaboration among school systems, students and families, business communities, nonprofits, and other organizations to foster innovative solutions to educational challenges.

Download our 2020 Annual Report below to find out how we use these core values and more to help students in Alabama.

NSFA Annual Report 2020
Download PDF • 18.93MB

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