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New Schools for Alabama at the 2023 A.G. Gaston Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.

The 2023 A.G. Gaston Conference is dedicated to African American Economic Justice. It's a platform where accomplished leaders, orators, and business owners share their experiences. It is also an environment of celebration, challenge, empowerment, and a place for learning and developing better business practices. The annual conference also provides opportunities to inspire the next generation. This year, the focus was on diversity and inclusion for minority-owned businesses.

A.G. Gaston owned several successful businesses in Alabama during the Jim Crow era; he amassed a fortune worth more than $40 million from a business empire spanning communications, real estate, and insurance. He was a pillar of the African American community in the Birmingham metro area.

New Schools for Alabama Chief Communications Officer Candie Mitchell-Price and Communications Manager ShaElla Askew had the opportunity to hear from excellent speakers such as:

Here are a few photos that we would like to share:

Embracing diversity and promoting inclusion isn't just a moral obligation; it's an intelligent business strategy. We unlock creativity, innovation, and better decision-making when we welcome different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. By valuing diversity, we build stronger teams and foster a culture of respect and belonging. Let's prioritize diversity and inclusion in the business industry and create a more equitable and prosperous future.

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