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Alabama is Set to Gain Its First Performing Arts Charter School: Lights, Camera, Action!

Mobile will soon have access to an advanced performing arts center in the fall of 2024, serving grades sixth thru ninth.

The Alabama Public Charter School Commission eagerly and unanimously voted to approve the application for The Floretta P. Carson Visual and Performing Arts Academy Tuesday morning.

Charter Commission member LaKeshia Wheeler praised the charter leaders for "improvements on the financial management application." There were prior concerns about the sustainability of the charter school.

According to, "They have since secured about $1.5 million in grant funding, and an additional $45,500 in funding from the county commission. The Mobile Area Education Foundation, which currently supports ACCEL Day and Evening Academy, will also provide a facility, as well as additional accounting and financing support."

Mike Brown, the Chief Schools Officer for New Schools for Alabama, expressed his excitement about the approval. "New Schools For Alabama is excited about the approval of the Floretta P. Carson Visual & Performing Arts Academy serving students in grades 6-12 in Mobile County. We celebrate with the families of Mobile for this unique educational opportunity for students to experience advanced academic programming and 1st class development in the Visual and Performing Arts."

The Floretta P. Carson Visual & Performing Arts Academy, founded by Dr. Krista Williams, a 2023 Grammy Nominated Music Educator, is an ideal arts school that prepares students for college and careers in the arts industry.

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19 בפבר׳ 2023

Dr. Williams has made history!!!!

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