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How NSFA Recruits Top-Notch Leaders for Schools in Alabama

New Schools for Alabama works vigorously to improve education outcomes in Alabama by recruiting, training, and supporting school leaders to start and run high-quality public schools. Our goal is to help create a network of innovative, high-performing schools across the state that can provide all students with a high-quality education, regardless of their background or zip code. Here is a brief explanation of how we recruit school leaders:

  • Targeted Outreach: New Schools for Alabama seeks out individuals who are passionate about education and have a track record of success in their careers. We do this by engaging with a broad range of professionals from various fields, including education, business, and non-profit sectors. We also leverage social media and other online platforms to reach potential candidates.

  • Info Sessions: Once we have identified potential candidates, we invite them to attend an information session. The purpose of these sessions is to provide interested candidates with more information about the NSFA’s mission, vision, and the process for starting a new school in Alabama.

  • Application Process: After the information session, interested candidates are invited to apply to become a school leader. The application process involves submitting a written application, providing references, and participating in an in-person interview.

  • Selection: After reviewing applications and conducting interviews, NSFA selects the most promising candidates to participate in our training program, the School Founders Program. This program is designed to prepare school leaders to start and run high-quality public schools that serve all students.

  • Training and Support: NSFA provides selected school leaders with intensive training and ongoing support to help them succeed in their roles. This includes everything from curriculum design to financial management to leadership development.

Overall, NSFA is committed to identifying and developing talented individuals who are passionate about education and have the skills and vision to create high-quality public schools in Alabama. Through targeted outreach, information sessions, and a rigorous application and selection process, we are able to recruit and support school leaders who will make a meaningful impact on the education landscape in the state.

To find out more about the School Founders Program and the Aspiring Leaders Program, click here.

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